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Are insulated garage doors thicker?

It depends. The use of polystyrene insulation materials will possibly make them thicker. Polyurethane materials don't usually change the dimensions of the door. They are both placed in between panels (like a sandwich) but it might also depend on the door's material, too. In any case, you must check out whether the door has become heavier.

How can I check the system without getting injured?

You must be extremely careful, keep your distances, cover your face and wear gloves. You must also disconnect the electric garage door opener and if you want to keep the door open, you should secure it with c-clamps that must be put in the tracks under the bottom garage door rollers.

How do I perform a force setting test?

When you perform a force setting test, you should close the door by pressing the remote. As the door closes, you should hold out the bottom of the door with a stiff and outstretched hand. If the door does not reverse right away, pull your hand away. If this is case, our door experts at Little Ferry recommend that you let our trained technician service the door.

What is the best insulation for steel doors?

Steel garage doors generally can accommodate any type of insulation. For our garage door maintenance experts, however, it is easier to use flexible insulation attached to the spaces in between the door frame and panels. A good flexible insulation material to use is the foam board. This material can be easily inserted into the gaps.

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