Case Story - Repaired the Damaged Cable

Case Story - Repaired the Damaged Cable

The cable performs the all-important task of lifting the door from the floor and connects the door to the motor.

Usually the cable does not get damaged that often. The reason for this is that it is made from a very strong and resilient material and thus does not wear out that easily. However, extensive use over a long period of time can cause it to develop some tears which might result in a break. Our company was once called in by a customer who was locked outside his garage because the door wasn’t opening. We advised him to change the batteries of the garage opener remote and to reset the keypad but nothing seemed to work. Since the problem was not a minor one, a team of technicians was sent to the customer’s address to find out the real issue and fix it as quickly as possible.

Our team set out for the customer’s home and reached there in about half an hour

They began their work by doing a full inspection of the door. The door looked quite old and upon inquiring the customer our team learned that it had been in use for over a year. This information convinced our technicians that the problem was either with the door opener or the garage door cable. They first checked the door opener but did not find anything wrong with it. The door opener had been changed a few months back and was working perfectly. The team then focused their attention on the cable and decided to check it out.

The team found one large tear on the cable which was quite indicative of extensive use. They further discovered that the cable would have snapped if the door had been in operation any longer. Having located the source of the problem, our technicians had a choice of either to repair or replace the damaged cable. They decided in consultation with the customer that repairing it was a better option as the cable looked in good shape except for a single tear which could be easily repaired. Since the team had all the supplies available to them for making the repairs, they set down to work immediately and had the cable repaired within a few hours.

Having repaired the cable, the team checked its performance by testing the door. This was done to ensure that the repair work was done safely and the cable was able to withstand the tension and bear the weight of the door when it was being opened or closed. And this concluded another successful day, and another satisfied customer!

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